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Ochanja.com is a powerful social media platform built for the promotion of the Igbo language and culture. Ochanja.com was built specifically as a gathering place, a market place of ideas, connection and engagement. You can post or read news and current affairs. You can follow people and add them as friends. You can build pages for your personal profile, organization or business. You can like people's pages and they can like yours too. You can engage in live chatting with your family and friends. You can share your photos and videos with your family and friends. You can build both private and public groups to engage your members. You can make your posts private or public – you decide who should view your posts. IT IS ALL FREE OF CHARGE! Please sign up today, join the action, begin to connect with friends and family, invite your friends and families over, and share your experiences with people in your world. All we ask for is that we all respect one another as we use this very powerful communications tool to meet our needs of staying connected with our family and friends.